Deep feelings of mine

Even though I have A boyfriend I feel emptiness inside, cold shivers down my spine, an urgent headache when I cry,my heart start turning in and out. I think out loud what’s going on, but I can’t think my mind is flown. We’ve been dating for close to two years, in the beginning I was lovestruck. Now my love for you is falling apart, I guess that’s what you feel when you’ve been hurt one too many times by the one who says they love you the most. Your love slowly fades away, there’s no turning back even if I tried because behind closed doors I will always have trust issues. What’s love without trust? What’s hurt without pain? What rain without clouds? And what’s me without you? Nothing, nothing at all. Is it my fault that I have to think this way? No, but I can I explain this to you without causing anymore pain. At the end I’m the one hurting deep down inside. Not you.

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