😲😲😮Crazy night😲😲😮

The craziest thing happened last night, I don’t know if I should feel bad or if I did the right thing. But last night me and my boyfriend we’re taking Lyla our 7 month puppy out for a walk and to get water bottles. As we were locking our door, I ran to go take the trash out, then I ran back in the hallway to find that my boyfriend was talking to this guy, he asked if we had a can opener to open some cans so my boyfriend said yes he unlocked the door and ran in to get it, we opened up the can. He said thank you and then he was going downstairs. As I was observing his appearance I noticed that he had a really bad smell to him and he didn’t have any shoes on, remind you I thought that he was a neighbor from upstairs, so I was wondering why he was going downstairs. So I kind of followed him to see why he was going downstairs on to find out that he went to the laundry room downstairs. I was in total shock wondering if he was homeless or whatever. Me and my boyfriend left the apartment to leave and I told him that I think he was staying in the basement. He said no probably not, so we went to Walgreens and left walking back home on our way home I told him to go check the basement as soon as we get there to see. Well we got back he went down the and there was the guy laying down on the laundry room floor with alcohol and food cans surrounding him. We then went to a neighbors door to tell him what was going on because he works for security he went in the room asked him what was going and he said that he didn’t have anywhere to go he was drunk and homeless, he told us not to call the police and that he would leave, he left and the laundry room smelled so bad. I was so afraid and scared I never went through this before out of all the places I lived it was a crazy situation. I felt bad because it was cold out and he didn’t have a place to go, but at the same time I didn’t know if he was a robber,killer,ECT he could of been anybody so I only did it to protect everyone and myself…

2 thoughts on “😲😲😮Crazy night😲😲😮

  1. Wow, what an interesting story. I think you did the right thing in that you felt a little humanity for him even though the reality was he could not stay there.

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