What would you say if I told you I was insecure about myself,low self esteem runs my life,it runs my heart,my soul, my everything. Deep depression and pure anxiety makes it 1 million times worth. People who told me that they loved me and care about me then hurt me. Makes me feel like there’s no purpose of me being here. I try to push myself to be a better person and love myself but it’s hard. It’s really hard to believe in myself I let so many people walk all over me just because I’m sweet and nice and I’m tired of it. I want to better my life, pack a suitcase full of stuff and move to a whole other state and build myself. I’m kinda scared of being alone. But then I realized I am alone already no mom no dad no family I trust but myself. So I should be fine been alone and only trusting myself for a long time. I just need to stop these insecurities and be a big girl leave and get my life on track try to heal myself and become a new and better girl…….

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