🌻☮💊Supporting mental illness/health💊☮🌼

Suffering from post trauma stress disorder and depression is really hard to deal with. Some people don’t understand how it feel to be in my shoes or others who suffer from this mental illness or any of them. Some people can look as normal as possible or seem very happy but deep down inside their falling apart inside. Crying,screaming,and falling. People often ask me what do you have to be depressed about, and I answer sometimes when I wake up I feel this certain way like really down and feel like no one understands me. Some days I wake up fine some days I feel like crap. It just comes and go. It’s really hard to deal with. It’s a real struggle not everyone understands or have the patience to try and understand. I support everyone who has a mental illness because I understand and I know what it feel like to be alone and scared and not have that support sometimes. I don’t support the meds but I do support anyone who has any illness.

Ptsd survivor,


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