Life of 2017 for me

Hello all my lovely followers, I can say that its been a really long time since I’ve last blogged and been connected with you all. I had all sort of crazy things happened in my life since I last blogged more then you can imagine. But who doesnt have crazy things going on sometimes you know its life. I’ve been going back in forth about when I would start blogging and writing again I literally just let life distract me from one of things I loved most. But I am happy to say that I am ready. Im ready to focus on it again with no regrets. 

So as you guys dont know earlier this year I broke up with my ex boyfriend of two years earlier this year things weren’t going great and that is all im gonna say not gonna put everything out there. But I was really hurt and devastated to the point that I made a decision to move to Atlanta Ga with my younger bro to stay with my aunt and mom. We thought it would be a good idea to start over in a new state epsecially with the harsh breakup I just wanted to leave forget and start over. When we moved out there we did not expect it to be soooo much different from Ohio like literally in a not so good way. Being from Ohio the weather was so humid and hot šŸ”„ the bugs were sooo big and alot of the people were rude we did not untill we got down there that it was a little more expensive and the job market was horrible could not find work for anything. My life seemed to have gone from bad to worst I couldn’t concentrate or focus on myself like how I thought I was gonna be able to do. Our family was not really supportive at all and for the first time in a long time me and my brother felt like we were stuck. We were there for a about a month in a half we ran out of money and wanted to go back to Ohio but didnt have anything at all. Untill one day me and my brother walked to a park by my aunts house we say at a bench amd was trying to figure out what in the hell we were gonna do. We were talking and tried to come up with a plan to get back to Ohio and thats when I noticed that a ladybug was crawling on my purse. Now remind you ladybugs are good luck when I found that lady bug I automatically knew that something good was about to happen. A few hours later one of my brother good friends called him and told him that he was dropping a package off in Atlanta hes a truck driver and he wanted to see us before he left back for Ohio. We told him what was going on and he told us that we could ride with him back. I instantly cried with joy me and my brother packed our suitcases and never looked back. We road tripped through different states and cities till we made it back to Ohio. Which he let us stay with him amd his family till we got back on our feet. Me and my brother got jobs that same week worked every single day and then we got our own apartment. We accomplished so much after we left especially not for us to have any support from our family we fell down but got right back up and did it on our own. We are technically the only real family we have and im proud of us both. Sometimes I feel sad and lonely knowing that we dont have good family but I always remember that we have each other. And thats all that matters. But yes my life has been a rollercoaster this year but I am happy that we made it through another year and never looking back only at the good times. 

If you guys have any questions or comments just drop a comment below!!!! 

P.s I will be back I promise and also I do have a big surprise that I would love to share with you guys on my next post so stay tuned love you guys…..

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